A Japanese musical "Ai no uta wo utaou" (Let's sing songs of Love)



A few days ago, I went to see a musical "Ai no uta wo utaou" ( Let's sing songs of Love ). I went twice.
Scripts written by Osamu Suzuki, directed by Amon Miyamoto, songs by Noriyuki Makihara. Like "Mamma Mia!" written by ABBA , all words and music by Noriyuki Makihara.

In Japan, there are many musicals translated from English to Japanese.
But original Japanese musicals are rare.

Performers is are a great variety of : pop idol, comedian, actor, singer, musical actor.
( Kaname Kawabata is my favorite singer!. )
The musical was wonderful, gorgeous, and heart-warming. I strongly regret not getting more tickets...

In comparison with UK or USA , Japanese musicals don't mature .
I hope more Japanese musicals are made.


  • be動詞が2回でてきたり
  • 形容詞の列挙、and(形容詞はあっているんだろうか?)
  • regret strongly じゃなくて、strongly regret
  • regret not 〜ing 

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